My Journey

I explore my psychological, spiritual and emotional development through the creative process.  I believe in the healing power of the arts and the potential for growth in creative engagement.  I am an artist, a visionary, an activist, a dancer, a dreamer.  I want to be able to explore and live my life with great tenacity.  Nothing scares me the most than to feel numb inside (I’ve already done that once).  I want to feel alive every day and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually with each experience and person I meet.  I believe that we can always learn something from others and whatever we make it mean, it is our choice.

I am also a feminist, and what that means is that with autonomy, love, self-expression, compassion, respect and understanding we can create the possibility of transformation in our world.  To advocate for feminism is to advocate for our full humanity.  I believe we have to dare to challenge the misguided “convictions” we have been fed about our nature as human beings.  Only then we will truly find ourselves and will achieve self-definition.

I am love, laughter, passion and joy!