My Dancing


I fell in love with dancing and performing at a very early age, though due to financial circumstances formal technique training didn’t begin until I was 21 years old.  After switching major at Glendale Community College I stepped into a modern dance class for the first time in the year 2000.  After a year since my first dance class and with several realizations and discoveries I finally decided that Dance is what I wanted to do.

I stayed at GCC for 5 years; the last three were mainly dedicated to dancing.  I earned a Certificate in Choreography and got exposed to several different dance techniques like ballet, jazz, modern and tap.  I had the opportunity to perform and choreograph as a student and alumni in their bi-annual dance concerts. While at GCC I learned what it meant to be a dancer and what it was like to be part of a company.  The professionalism of the GCC’s Dance Department and its staff has always stayed with me.

I later transferred to UCLA, where I earned my BA in Cultural Studies in the Department of World Arts and Cultures.  That is where I truly fell in love with modern dance and discovered Capoeira. Along with my performance and cultural research I briefly trained in Afro-Cuban dances.  During my undergraduate studies, I created a dance theater piece that dealt with issues of virginity and sexual assault.  It was very demanding yet a very healing piece!

Once I graduated from UCLA, I continued my dance training.  I dedicated 4 on and off years to Capoeira and 3 to modern dance.  At the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center for Capoeira Batuque, I had the opportunity to learn and perform Afro-Brazilian dances an be part of their dance company.  After a break I’m going back to further expand my knowledge in those dances with and separate from Batuque. I will be doing dance and ethnographic research in Brazil as part of my graduate work.

After graduation from UCLA, I resumed my studies of of Afro-Cuban dances.  I have been training since 2005 and I have had the privilege of visiting Cuba twice and working with truly inspiring Cuban artists.  As I develop my work for graduate school I will be also conducting dance and spiritual research in Cuba.  Within this technique I am able to discover the power and resilience of my body.  This is where I challenge and take care of myself.  This is where I find nourishment.

In my dance journey I also became part of CONTRA-TIEMPO, an Urban Latin Dance Theater Company dedicated to transforming the world through dance and to bringing the voices of the unheard to the concert stage.  With them I learned to challenge the notions of leading and following.  I embrace the self-discovery that occurred as I learned to dance with and follow different partners and as I learned to lead.  It was a truly humbling experience!

I strongly believe in the healing power of the arts and dance in particular for they have had a tremendous impact in my journey to self-discovery.  It is my intention to bring awareness by creating and being a part of work that explores our complexities as human beings.  I continue to be transformed as I discover sacred movement in my body and my soul.