My Art

ART EXCERPTS 1996 – 2006 & 2009

Many dreams, intentions, visualizations, and life in general have taken visual form throughout my life. As I follow my path, an abundance of images continue to guide my journey in the pages of visual creativity.  Ever since I had access to color pencils I have enjoyed the process of creating and playing with color.  Throughout my life time I have played around with different techniques, not really “mastering” them but more enjoying their potentiality.  At an early age, color pencils were my first inspiring instrument.  I moved on to eye shadow which provided other possibilities for mixing color.  At age 12 I became mesmerized by the simplicity of a number 2 pencil and began creating many black and white drawings.  This extended to age 16 when I further deepened my relationship with pencil shading at the same time that I was introduced to other materials.  In college I experimented with oils and acrylics as well as charcoal and pastels.  I stopped creating visual art when I began to dance in 2001 yet it didn’t take that long before I was able to find a way back into the pages of visual creativity.  Through A Window Between Worlds, an organization that uses art as a healing tool to recover from domestic violence, and their Survivors Art Circle, I became addicted to collages and to experimenting with mix media.  Now I am in the process of redefining my own voice and vision and allowing my work to flourish organically and with much sense of purpose.  What will be created is unknown.  I embrace the endless possibilities.