I’m not angry… I’m just intense!!!

I took a dance class yesterday with visiting Brazilian master, Rosangela Silvestre on the technique she developed – Silverstre Technique: Symbols in Motion.  Her incorporation of contemporary dance, chakra centers and Orixá energy was amazing.  Honoring the earth, water, air, and fire elements in our bodies created a completely different way of relating movement to our bodies.

I am at the point in my dancing career in which I need to polish the skills I have and above all I need to pursue the movement that I truly enjoy.  I need to dance what brings me joy and what allows me to find full self-expression.  Being in Rosangela’s class further illuminated what I already knew in my heart.  I needed to approach dance as a way of life.  I needed to bring awareness into my body.  I needed to be WHO I AM when I dance, and no one else.

Rosangela Silvestre creates her own rhythms and has a way of explaining musicality that allows students to take her directions and translate them into their own bodies.  As we were exploring with different movements she expressed how in learning technique we are investigating possibilities and creating a conversation with our bodies.  This conversation is essential for discoveries to happen.  Our bodies talk, and they talk loudly!

Rosangela can be somehow challenging, yet full of knowledge.  She told us to not mistake her approach. “I’m not angry… I’m just intense” she said.  A few of us laughed at hearing this.  We knew she was sincere.

Part of Emotional Intelligence and Nonviolent Communication is understanding that anger is a natural human emotion and the accumulation of several feelings and it should be acknowledged as such.  What becomes problematic is not anger itself; it is the expression of that anger.  Is it life-serving?  We need to find safe ways of releasing anger.  And it must be released somehow in a physical way otherwise we run the risk of remaining in a static state of compressed anger.  That is detrimental to our mental and physical health (see Emotional Intelligence).  I truly believe in this, and although Rosangela was making sure we didn’t mistake her intensity by anger, I felt the need to translate what she was saying into terms of emotional intelligence to make sense of it all in my being.  So mistaking intensity by compressed anger can be limiting as opposed to encouraging. Rosangela by calling upon her intensity was calling upon the power of her emotions.  They are the ones that allow her body to let go.  They guide her dance and her approach.

Rosangela also talked about the importance of taking the essence of the movement being shown and embodying it in a way that becomes our own.  If we limit ourselves to ”imitating” what our teacher and/or choreographer is doing then we are not able to discover the nuances of our own body.  I thought this was important.  Although I do think we must understand what our teacher is doing in terms of clarity, in order to challenge ourselves we musts add the element of embodiment.  This will definitely transform our dancing.  It will become complete.  It will become alive.  It will become enriched.

I think the reason this class was very memorable for me is that I was able to truly understand how by being aware and connected to my body I can draw upon the emotions needed to express intensity, fluidity, calmness or liveliness.  It felt so empowering to discover different ways of relating to my body in my everyday life at the same that I nourished the dancer in me, challenging her and allowing her to grow.  It was beyond doubt a very revealing and healing class!!!


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