When We Were Human…

I often wonder about this whole concept of evolution and how our bodies have changed and adapted in order to survive throughout history.  I think that in many ways it is wonderful that as part of nature we have been able to evolve to the demands of the ever changing times.  I feel it is a miracle that we have gotten so far in our human evolution.  Scientifically speaking we are so advanced.  And although many times this feels like a blessing I see how this advancement has also caused many problems.  I keep hearing in the news how Violence and Greed are normalized as part of the human experience.  I get very triggered by such statements.  I refuse to believe that it is in our human nature to kill and step over other people to succeed.  I refuse to believe that that is the way we have always lived and the way we will always live and “thrive”.

I have read a few chapters of the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and he mentions that although emotional intelligence is not a new concept per se, it is still not part of our consciousness.  He mentions that in terms of evolution we have had millions of years to evolve our IQ, but our EQ falls short in the evolutionary chart.  I think that as a matter of fact many people don’t even know what emotional intelligence is, its importance or that they are capable of attaining this “intelligence”.  That made me wonder what caused our EQ to fall short.  What created this unbalanced evolution?

I came across another book, The Alphabet Versus The Goddess by Leonard Shlain.  He proposes a fascinating theory that literacy and more specifically the alphabet were the ones that dethroned Goddess worship but further more were the reasons patriarchy and misogyny came into the human consciousness.  Shlain has a fascinating chapter on brain development in terms of evolution.  He explains how the left brain, the one responsible for literacy and abstract thinking was overdeveloped, causing an unbalance in the two hemispheres of the brain, a balance that had been essential to the evolution of human kind until that point.  So I thought if the left brain is the logical brain and the right brain is the one responsible for processing emotions, then according to Shlain theories, it is no wonder that our emotional intelligence is well under developed and way behind in terms of evolution.  So if this unbalance was responsible for the development of patriarchy then it will give that it is also responsible for other hegemonic systems of power and domination in our world.  The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting calls these systems the Dominant Paradigm.  So is that how we are living now?  Is that how we raise our children?  We create atrophy in our children’s brain because that is how our human species learned to survive?  But what price are paying for that survival?

Most of us feel like we are incomplete human beings.  Our emotional intelligence is usually low or non-existent.  We have a hard time dealing with situations where our emotions are overwhelming and our bodies are disregulated.  I think that even our most intelligent leaders approach policy and life in general from this Dominant Paradigm.  We wonder why as we continue to evolve and grow scientifically, we are more and more involved in wars and power struggles and greed.  Survival of the fittest once ”served” our species, but does it really continue to work?

I also keep thinking about the separation of the sexes and how they became so polarized.  How was this constant conflict between them created?  Shlain and Elinor G. Gadon, the author of The Once and Future Goddess expose in their work that very early human art (Paleolithic and Neolithic) and even the later Egyptian art use as their subject of devotion and praise a feminine figure.  Shlain and Gadon state that the masculine energy was also depicted in this early people’s art as complimentary to the feminine.  Even in the daily life, hunter/gatherers, men/women needed each other to coexist.  So I really wonder why feminine values started being devalued, manipulated and even ridiculed.  To present day whether we want to believe that patriarchy, sexism and misogyny exists or not, feminine values are constantly devalued.  Being too emotional is usually a sign of weakness; and along with that, anything that can be considered weaker and of lower class in our hegemonic systems is not as important, i.e. women, children, people of color and homosexuals.

I have to say that I feel some extreme sadness at the fact that the difference between the sexes keeps being emphasized with the intention of manipulating, abusing and exhorting power.  I wonder what happened to those days in which woman and man were necessary to survival.  Female and masculine values and ways of living were essential to maintaining order and evolutionary prosperity.  And I don’t mean this in the heterosexual sense of procreating, but in the sense that both men and women needed to complement each other to guarantee the success of their people.  Men and Women went through different physiological processes that were necessary for us to survive.  So why one has more value than the other?   Why is one considered strong and the other one weak?  Nature could have not been wrong.

I don’t have a resolution yet.  I am filled with questions without answers.  But perhaps what I’m looking for is not simply the reasons we have created this Dominant Paradigm as part of our existence.  What I want to know is how to move forward.  How do we dismantle those systems?  How do we transform our consciousness?  How do we stop claiming that destructive power, violence, greed and the like are part of OUR human nature?  How do we go back to being humans?  FULL HUMANS!!!


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