Barbie Didn’t Get The Rockers

When I was 8 years old, I got my second Barbie.  My dad had sent her to me from the United States.

I didn’t really understand a word of English then, but I was mesmerized by the booklet that came in her box.  It showed Barbie with the rest of her “gang.”  The entire collection was called “Barbie and the Rockers.” 

She and her friends seemed so “cool”.  Like a true 80′s band, they had flashy bright outfits, a touring van and electric guitars.  During those times the band KISS was very big, so I made sure that my Barbie get her regular makeovers to look like one of the Kiss band members.  She always wore a pink star on her right eye (Thank God for non-permanent markers).  I am sorry to say though that most of her jewelry, earrings and rings, I swallowed by mistake.  Those are little accidents that happen when you hold them in your mouth while you dress your Barbie.

I loved my Barbie very much, but there was one thing that continued to bother me.  She didn’t have her gang with her.  I always longed for her to be reunited with her friends.  I wanted her to have her Ken as well as the other things that “made her” who she was, a Rocker.  It was as if she wasn’t complete. 

Perhaps it was my innocence or my overactive imagination that thought I could make her dream happen.  I was convinced that if I took off all of her clothes and left her laying on my bed, “magic” would occur.  I knew that miraculously the entire set will appear, her friends, her clothes, her guitar.  I envisioned it so much that I could feel something special was going to happen as I placed her on my bed and left for my mom’s room.  I knew I could make it happen because I had special powers. 

I waited and waited and with so much expectation I started heading back to my room.  As I got closer, I saw her there, laying naked on top of my bed.  No, nothing had happened.  She wasn’t changed.  I was so disappointed, but I wasn’t giving up.  I was convinced it would happen or at least I hoped it would.  I repeated this several times, but I don’t remember exactly how many.  

As I continued to do this I started to wonder about what would happen to my Barbie.  If I was successful in ”trading her” for the entire collection, I didn’t know that if the Barbie I was going to get would be the same one I had.  I saw my Barbie as “the offering or sacrifice” so it will probably give that she would disappear.  I didn’t know if I wanted that.  I am still not sure if I stopped it because I saw that nothing was happening or because in “reality” I didn’t want to give up the Barbie I already owned.  We had been through so much together! 

Although she never got her Ken or her other accessories, she did have a lot of things I created.  I designed, sewed and knitted so many clothes for her.  She had nightgowns, ponchos, dresses and even fur coats.  Her friend was my very first Barbie.  I made a swimming pool for them and they even got a car - a jeep that my brother let me borrow.  Actually they got love from him as well, since my brother liked playing with them too (his favorite was my beautiful dark skinned first Barbie).  Some of my best childhood memories involve my two Barbies, my brother and me.

As I think back, I understand now that there was a reason behind my “innocent” longing for a miracle.  Even the fact that this memory randomly came back to me after so many years means so much in my journey to self-discovery…

The Rockers were not the only “things” that Barbie didn’t get…


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